Can HVAC Maintenance Help You Save Money?

A question homeowners in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas often ask themselves is whether HVAC maintenance can save money. The answer is, definitely yes. HVAC maintenance is an investment that will pay you back in more ways than one, in the short-term and long-run.

HVAC Maintenance and Repair

While your HVAC system may be humming along and keeping the temperature in your home regulated, keep in mind, it works non-stop around the clock. Like any fine-tuned piece of machinery, there are multiple parts to the system all working together. When one part fails or malfunctions, it has an adverse effect on the entire system. What this can lead to is a variety of issues ranging from minor to major system problems.

Some repairs are an easy fix, but when left unattended, they can turn into a much larger and costlier problem. This is especially true for systems that haven’t had a maintenance checkup. With an annual service check by one of our trained experts, minor problems may never turn into major issues because they were detected early.

A single service check can mean the difference between a well-maintained and efficiently running system and the discomfort of being without an HVAC system during frigid winters or sizzling summers.

When our service technician is doing an annual maintenance check, the entire system is checked including all components and ductwork. Their goal is to ensure the system is running properly and any problems or potential problems are corrected. They’re also a valuable resource for customers to find out what they should be on the lookout for between service checks and what signs could be an indication of a potential system issue.

The bottom line when it comes to scheduled HVAC maintenance is, don’t wait until it’s too late. In other words, avoid problems before they occur by scheduling an appointment for one of our professional technicians to service the system.

System Replacement

Our technicians can also advise you on the condition of the system during a maintenance service call. This up-to-date information will let you know if it’s time, or it’s getting close to the time, to have a new TruComfort HVAC system installed.

When it’s time to replace or upgrade a worn-out HVAC system, the overall benefit of an energy-efficient system is it pays for itself. Monthly energy costs will decrease, which over time, can add up to significant savings.

Even if your current system is running adequately, there is the potential for additional savings by reducing your monthly energy bill by replacing an older unit with a newer and more energy-efficient model. You may even qualify for energy rebates by upgrading to a new system.

Saving Dollars and Conserving Energy

An HVAC system that is out of sync is not energy-efficient. If you see an increase in your monthly bill, multiply that figure times one year for an estimate of how much extra you’re spending. If the system isn’t serviced, as the problem continues, and the system degrades, energy efficiency will become more limited, which increases your monthly utility bill even more.

A system that isn’t functioning properly can’t do its job of maintaining interior temperature control. In an attempt to keep the temperature at a comfortable level, it will work double time, which puts more strain on an already stressed system. This results in the system going through the on/off cycle repeatedly, which isn’t efficient and increases energy costs.

With a maintenance service contract in place, any problems the system is experiencing can be detected and addressed early on. Having potential issues resolved in a timely manner saves you money.

Keep your HVAC system in tip-top condition with a maintenance checkup. Not only does scheduled maintenance address any issues the system is experiencing, it also alerts the technician to potential or underlying problems. To schedule an appointment, contact Dulin Mechanical at (704) 237-3641. Our customers can rely on quality and courteous service by every member of our team.

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