Although HVAC systems have come a long way over the past few decades, many homeowners still complain about hot and cold spots or poor efficiency. When you’re in this situation, HVAC zoning is an excellent option for your Concord, North Carolina, home. If you haven’t considered this option in the past, take a closer look at how a zoned system can benefit you and your family.

More Comfortable Atmosphere

One of the key benefits of zoned HVAC is a more comfortable indoor atmosphere. Although your home’s traditional HVAC system was probably set up to provide sufficient airflow to every room of the home, many factors can impact how much heated and cooled air moves through the ducts and into your space. With a zoned system, dampers in the ductwork can redirect and regulate air to specific areas. As a result, you have customized temperature zones throughout your home for improved comfort.

Reduced Energy Usage

Zoning also helps reduce energy usage and waste. This is especially true in homes that have more than one level. Heat rises, so the upper levels of the home are usually warmer than the lower levels. Instead of trying to combat this natural pattern, your in-duct dampers can redirect air to the warmer areas to cool them down or keep cool air flowing in the upper level as needed. Zoned HVAC systems can also improve energy efficiency in homes with large windows since these can allow more heat to come through during the warmest part of the day.

Target Specific Spaces

If you have a home gym that needs more targeted cooling, a zoned HVAC system is the ideal solution. The dampers placed in your ducts can be set up to direct more conditioned air to that area of the home or restrict air from flowing as heavily through rooms that you don’t use as much.

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