3 Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your AC in Harrisburg, NC

Since installing an AC in Harrisburg, NC is a large financial investment, we recognize your need to use your system for the longest period possible. However, it’s important to understand that these systems are not built to last forever. In fact, Knowing when it’s time to replace your AC will save you a lot of cash in the long run.

Repair Expert Frequents Your Home

Demand for AC repairs is a normal occurrence in Harrisburg, NC households. As your system works to keep you and your loved ones comfortable, the process of wear and tear occurs.

Although you can delay the process by scheduling seasonal maintenance, at some point, you might need to repair and replace some worn out, damaged or broken components. As your system gets older, the expert repairs your system more often.

If that’s the case with your current AC, you need to start saving for a new one. Although the replacement might be expensive, ultimately, it is the most cost-effective solution.

High Energy Bills

There are plenty of reasons your AC might be using too much energy. Among these reasons are dirty or clogged filters and the demand for repairs.

When the air filters are dirty or an AC component needs repair, your system works harder and for long hours to achieve the desired temperatures. This translates to more energy consumption, hence higher utility bills.

If you notice a spike in your monthly electric bills, have a technician inspect your AC and rectify the problem. In the event that your bills keep rising even after maintenance and repairs, it’s probably time for a new air conditioner.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

As mentioned earlier, your system is responsible for the quality of air in your household. Therefore, if your indoor air quality deteriorates, you need to get your system in Harrisburg, NC checked.

Sometimes, simple repairs and replacing the AC filters might solve the issue. However, if the repair is costly and there may be other repairs in the short-term, it’s an indication you should install a new AC.

Since 1962, our team of experts has been providing quality products and services to residents in Harrisburg, NC and surrounding areas. Contact Dulin Mechanical Services, Inc. to schedule new AC installation.

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