3 Tips for Troubleshooting Your Ductless Mini-Split

Ductless mini-splits are capable of cooling and heating a house or office space. Although they are long-lasting and dependable, they might develop problems, particularly if they don’t receive regular maintenance. Here are some suggestions for troubleshooting your Midland, NC, ductless mini-split.

Examine the Outdoor Unit

Your ductless system has two components: the inside air handler and the outside unit. If you think that your system is having trouble, inspect the outside unit to see if it’s in excellent working order. If there is a buildup of dirt or debris on the outside unit, it might cause problems with its capacity to work properly.

Dirt buildup, broken components and coolant leaks can also occur in the unit. Expert cleaning and lubricating of the device can help prevent these issues and boost efficiency.

Check the Filters

Every time you switch on your air conditioner, dust and dirt enter the system, and this accumulation coats the filters. Keep in mind that air filters help clean your interior air and improve the performance of your HVAC unit. That’s why you need to periodically check them.

You should check and clean or replace your filter every three months according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. If you have allergies, dogs, or children, replace the filter on a more frequent basis. Our professionals can provide you with a plan for changing the filters regularly, which will allow your unit to run longer and more efficiently.

Examine the Power

If the ductless mini-split system isn’t working at all, it might be due to a problem with its power system. Begin by inspecting the circuit breakers to ensure that they are in good working order. Check to see that the unit’s cable and plug look OK as well. Another thing to look at is whether its remote is operational and has new batteries.

Working with electrical systems is dangerous and can result in safety hazards. If you notice an electrical problem, call a professional service expert to troubleshoot and rectify the problem.

Dulin Mechanical provides high-quality heating and air conditioning services, so you can rely on us for your ductless HVAC repairs. For all your Midland, NC, HVAC maintenance requirements, call Dulin Mechanical.

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