3 Wintertime Heat Pump Issues in Concord, NC

Now that winter is here, you need your heat pump to perform well. This season presents its own particular set of heat pump issues to watch out for, though. Here are three common wintertime heat pump issues to be aware of if you live in Concord, NC.

1. Blocked or Frozen Coils

Occasionally, the coils on your heat pump can freeze during normal operations. When this happens, the cause is usually either that poor airflow prevents heat from getting to the coils or that high humidity and low temperatures conspire to create ice buildup.

In the former case, accumulated debris in your coils might keep air from flowing through them properly. As a result, warm air will not pass over them in sufficient quantities, so they will freeze when exposed to winter weather. This is why it is important to have a maintenance technician periodically clean your coils.

In the latter case, there might be drainage issues that adversely affect the heat pump’s ability to evacuate moisture. During the winter, this excess moisture is especially likely to freeze up.

2. Freezing Refrigerant

Without refrigerant, no heat pump can do its work. Your heat pump should be able to alternately evaporate and condense your refrigerant, moving it back and forth from gaseous to liquid form as part of every heating cycle. However, during some harsh winters, the refrigerant may freeze, making this impossible.

3. Bad Air Filters

Dirty air filters can be a problem for all HVAC systems because they block airflow and diminish system efficiency. However, during the winter, they present even more of a problem for heat pumps than usual. Poor airflow can cause your coils to freeze up even during warm weather, but during winter, the probability of this greatly increases.

Experiencing a heat pump problem during the winter can create a very uncomfortable situation, so you should be especially sensitive to potential problems this season. Call Dulin Mechanical Services, Inc. for heating services that can take care of any problem.

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