4 Common Sources of Allergens in Your Home in Harrisburg, NC

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America reports that over 100 million Americans grapple with allergies, which are the sixth leading cause of chronic illness in the United States. When encountering allergens, you can experience myriad symptoms, with the most common being fatigue and respiratory distress. Here are a few of the most common allergens you may find in your home in Harrisburg, NC.

1. Animal Allergens

Many people are sensitive to specific proteins found in animal saliva, with animal skin flakes also causing problems. Reactions can begin within only a few minutes of interacting with a pet allergen and will worsen with further contact.

The most common allergens from dogs and cats typically come from their saliva and skin cells. If you have a different furry pet, such as a rabbit or guinea pig, it’s more likely you’ll encounter allergens from their urine. Regularly vacuuming the home and maintaining your HVAC system can limit the presence of these allergens in the environment.

2. Dust and Dust Mites

You’ll find signs of dust in every building no matter how often you clean or the type of air filter you use. Dust mites are microscopic organisms that thrive in humid environments with poor air quality. They can burrow into your furniture, and they can also hide in bedding and curtains.

3. Fungal Spores

Moisture is often found in your bathrooms and under your sinks, and basements also have high moisture levels. Spores thrive in dark and damp areas around leaky pipes and uncovered drains. When these allergens start circulating through the ducts, they can worsen your allergy symptoms and affect your respiratory health.

4. Pollen

Pollen is an outdoor allergen that comes from flowering trees and ground plants. Allergies related to pollen often manifest symptoms similar to pet sensitivities, like sinus headaches and rashes.

You’re most likely to struggle with pollen allergies during the spring and fall. Tracking pollen into the home can prolong your reaction because your exposure to it will continue.

Stop allergens from invading your home and impacting your family’s health. Contact Dulin Mechanical Services, Inc. for indoor air quality solutions in Harrisburg, NC.

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