5 HVAC Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners in Pineville, NC

Having a pet in the family brings a lot of joy, but it also means dealing with a lot of pet hair and dander. It is important that you take certain steps to prevent that hair and dander from negatively impacting your HVAC system and your air quality. With that in mind, here are a few simple HVAC maintenance tips every homeowner in Pineville, NC should know.

1. Brush Your Animals and Vacuum Often

The easiest way to prevent pet hair from impacting your HVAC system is to try to minimize how much hair there is floating around your home. This means brushing your animals regularly, preferably outside when possible, and also keeping up with the vacuuming. When you vacuum, it is a good idea to clean off all of your HVAC vents to keep pet hair from clogging them.

2. Replace Your Air Filter Monthly

Even if you are diligent about brushing and vacuuming, your HVAC air filter will still get clogged more quickly due to pet hair. While replacing your air filter every two to three months is normally sufficient, we would recommend pet owners check their filter monthly and replace them as needed.

3. Use a Higher-Rated Air Filter

A basic air filter will trap hair and other debris to prevent it from damaging your HVAC system, but it won’t filter out pet dander. This is why we recommend using a more efficient filter with a higher MERV rating to help prevent air quality issues.

4. Protect Outdoor HVAC Units From Pet Hair and Urine

We also recommend fencing off your outdoor HVAC unit if it is in an area where your pets could get near it. Doing so will help prevent pet hair from clogging the unit. It will also help prevent damage to the unit, as pet urine is acidic and could corrode condenser coils and refrigerant lines leading to a refrigerant leak.

5. Have Your HVAC Maintained Twice a Year

We recommend having your HVAC system maintained twice a year whether you have pets or not. Regular HVAC maintenance is even more important for pet owners since pet hair and dander will cause the system to get dirty more quickly.

Limiting the impact your pets have on your HVAC system is important, as it can help reduce potential repairs and protect the lifespan of your heating and cooling units. If you do need repairs or any other HVAC service in Pineville, NC, contact the experts at Dulin Mechanical today.

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