Can You Improve AC Efficiency Through the Thermostat in Midland, NC?

Your thermostat determines when your air conditioner runs and for how long, so it can have a large impact on the energy efficiency of your home in Midland, NC. You want to spend as little as possible for indoor comfort, so consider these thermostat tips that will improve AC efficiency.

Setting the Ideal Temperature

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the ideal set point during summer is 78 degrees Fahrenheit, but you may be able to raise it even more as long as it doesn’t make you uncomfortable. It would be good for you to experiment in this regard because every degree that you raise the thermostat (and every degree you lower it when in winter) can cut down on your energy bill by 1%.

Programming the Thermostat

Assuming that you own a programmable thermostat, you should be taking advantage of its ability to create a weekly cooling schedule. Set the temperature to the aforementioned 78 degrees when you’re at home, and raise it when people are out or asleep. Make sure not to turn off the thermostat completely, though, because this will allow the home to get too warm, and your AC will have to work overtime to bring things back to normal.

Avoiding Common Thermostat Mistakes

Experts recommend annual maintenance, which can benefit your thermostat. Avoid the mistake of thinking that just because your AC runs well means that it doesn’t need maintenance. In addition, don’t fall into the trap of cranking down the thermostat when the home gets too hot because this only forces the AC to run longer.

Dulin Mechanical Services, Inc., can take on air conditioning work both simple and complex here in Midland, so give us a call today. We’ve been serving the area since 1962, and we have a team of reliable technicians ready to help you.

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