There are a few things homeowners can do throughout the year to keep their home heating and cooling systems in good shape. Spending just a few minutes every month on a little DIY HVAC maintenance could prevent a costly repair, improve efficiency and contribute to a longer operating life. Your comfort is worth a little time.

Air Filters and More

These tasks are simple to do and just as important as regularly changing the oil in your car.

  • Removing Debris: Every few months and after big storms, check the outdoor unit and clear away any branches, leaves, or other yard debris blocking the enclosure.
  • Dusting the Vents: Keep indoor vents clean and unblocked. Wipe or vacuum the vents as needed to remove dust, pet hair and dirt.
  • Changing the Batteries: Swap out thermostat batteries in the spring and fall when you change the batteries in your smoke detectors.
  • Checking the Air Filters: Set a calendar reminder and get in the habit of checking the filters every month. Dirty filters block airflow and force your system to work harder, which hurts the energy efficiency and causes extra wear and tear, according to Energy Star. If you suffer from allergies or other respiratory issues, consider upgrading to specialized filters.

HVAC Maintenance Made Simple

Aside from checking the air filters, the best thing you can do for your heater and air conditioner is to schedule an annual maintenance check. Dulin Mechanical Services sends out a certified HVAC technician to inspect the equipment, tighten loose connections, recalibrate the system, clean the components and look for any worn parts. To learn more about the importance of HVAC maintenance, check out Dulin Mechanical’s preventive maintenance options or call (704) 237-3641. A little TLC goes a long way in keeping the temperature right for you.

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