Extending Your Heat Pump Life Expectancy in Weddington, NC

Running your heat pump this summer in Weddington, NC, to stay cool usually increases your monthly expenses. It’s important to be proactive and cut down on the expense as much as you can. In addition, you’ll want to maintain your heat pump so that it can run for the full expected 15 or 20 years. Below, we give three steps for ensuring a long-lasting heat pump.

Keep the Air Circulating Freely

Constricted airflow puts stress on a heat pump, just like constricted breathing puts stress on our lungs, so remove any obstacles to airflow. This means you should replace the air filter on a regular basis. Located in the return vent, the filter keeps dirt and debris from collecting in the air handler, but once it can’t filter any more, it becomes an obstruction.

Secondly, check your air registers for any blockage caused by rugs or furniture. Though you may need to rethink the layout of your room, it’s worthwhile to move these items elsewhere.

Have a Reasonable Set Point

Your thermostat can quickly wear out your heat pump by forcing it to run for extremely long periods. For instance, homeowners returning to a warm indoors may crank down their thermostat, thinking they can speed up cooling, but this causes the heat pump to run continuously until it reaches that unreasonably low set point. Ideally, you should set the temperature at 68 degrees Fahrenheit when you’re at home and raise the temperature a few degrees when you’re not.

Request Regular Maintenance

Filter replacement, thermostat calibration and other crucial steps find their place in any professional maintenance plan, and for good reason. Though we won’t say that a maintenance plan will completely stop any repairs, it will cover all the tasks that you don’t have the skills for. This, more than anything else, will ensure an efficient heat pump.

Helping Homeowners Since 1962

For an expert air conditioning service in Weddington, NC, be it a tune-up or a repair, call Dulin Mechanical Services, Inc. We’re BBB-accredited, hold an A+ rating with them and have won awards like the 2019 Angie’s List Super Service Award. You can trust us for projects large and small.

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