How Humidity Affects Your Home

The humidity level in your Concord, North Carolina, home impacts its condition and its comfort. Fortunately, you can control moisture levels with your HVAC system and regular maintenance. You can also add a dehumidifier if needed. Humidity can affect your energy usage, your indoor air quality, and your home’s value.

Energy Usage

People regulate their body temperatures in hot weather by sweating. Humid air feels warmer because sweat can’t evaporate quickly. It can force you to set your thermostat lower and use more energy to stay cool. Also, many people with dry air use their heaters more in winter because they feel colder. Controlling humidity helps you lower your utility bill, so many accessories will pay for themselves gradually through energy savings.

Indoor Air Quality

A lot of moisture in your home’s air could also increase the amount of biological growth. All organisms need water, including viruses, bacteria, and pests like cockroaches and silverfish. Many people have allergies to common pests and their droppings, and illnesses like colds could incapacitate kids and adults. You and your family could also have to deal with musty or rotting smells. If the air is too dry, people may suffer from dry eyes, nosebleeds, sore throats, chapped lips, and other problems instead.

Home Value

In humid air, many microorganisms can grow underneath carpeting and wallpaper or on the insulation inside your walls. Unsightly stains, rotting wood floors or furniture, and poor indoor air quality can reduce the value of your home. Dry air can lead to cracks in wood, and it could damage your electronics through increased static electricity.

Dulin Mechanical is a Trane Comfort Specialist with more than 55 years of heating and cooling experience. We can help you monitor and control your home’s moisture for optimal comfort and efficiency. We’ll also be happy give you detailed information about humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and thermostats that can sense your humidity and indoor air quality. Call us anytime at (704) 237-3641 for outstanding service from our experts.

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