As the weather heats up in Charlotte, NC, homeowners begin turning on their central air conditioning systems to keep the interiors of their residences comfortable. When the outside temperature shoots past 90 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s tempting to turn the thermostat much lower to cool your home quickly, yet doing so will only make you spend more money.

What Is the Optimal Indoor Temperature?

According to Energy Star, the joint program sponsored by the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the best thermostat setting is 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Setting it lower won’t cool your home any faster but will only make your central air unit expend more energy. You may have to experiment to find the best temperature for your home. However, you can save about 3% in utility costs for every degree above 72.

Thermostat Programming for Maximum Comfort

The best way to keep everyone in your family comfortable at all times of the day and night is with a programmable thermostat. With a smart thermostat, you can set the temperature of your central air conditioning system to 82 degrees during the day when you leave home, and then reduce the temperature to 78 degrees about 30 minutes before you return. When it comes to sleeping, the answer is not so clear, as many people prefer room temperatures in the 60s.

Don’t Neglect Preventive Maintenance

Regular preventive maintenance can also add to your home’s overall comfort. Annual cleaning will help your system work more efficiently and evenly throughout your home. Spring/summer maintenance may also include other services such as checking the refrigerant, drain lines, thermostat controls, airflow, and lubricating components. For more information on how we can maximize your family’s summer comfort, contact Dulin Mechanical today.

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