Today, when we are spending more of our time indoors, homeowners’ concerns about the interior air pollution effects on health become ever more pressing. Bad concentration, inability to sleep, asthma, and even cancer are all linked to poor air quality. Very often, indoor air quality (IAQ) is even worse than the quality of the outdoor air due to various chemicals emanating from furniture, building materials, and cleaning agents. Additionally, contaminants and toxic gases seep in from the outside or from some problem source with the building. Homeowners in Charlotte, NC, have various options for monitoring their IAQ.

Ways of Monitoring Your IAQ

Taking measures to improve your home’s IAQ is a big step toward improving your family’s health. Outlined below are different ways of keeping your home’s IAQ in check:

  • Pay attention to any strange smells inside your house. For example, a musty smell could be a sign of a biological growth.
  • Notice how you feel inside. If you are tired a lot, get a scratchy throat, watery eyes, or a runny nose, or just feel generally bad when inside the house, chances are your IAQ needs checking. Another indicator that your house could have poor IAQ is if a family member chronically suffers from a respiratory condition
  • To monitor your IAQ, consider using various air quality monitoring devices designed specifically for homeowners and consumers. Though not as precise as commercial IAQ monitors, these devices are versatile and easy to set up and use. many of today’s models come enhanced with smart technologies. These newer instruments can help you track particulates like smoke, dust, and pollen. Tracking humidity, air pressure, and temperature can keep tabs on atmospheric conditions. You can monitor carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and various volatile compounds. Even odors from garbage, pet waste, and dirty clothes can now be monitored using today’s technology.

These readings could give you a general idea about your IAQ. For expert advice on the best products for improving air inside your Concord, NC, home, contact air quality specialists at Dulin Mechanical at 704-237-3641.

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