A smart thermostat is an innovative way to cool your home more efficiently. However, is it worth the investment in Concord, NC? Let’s take a look at what a one of these thermostats has to offer.

Programmable Smart Thermostats

One of the biggest advantages to a smart thermostat is that it is completely programmable. You can program your this thermostat by day or even by season. This allows you to better control the energy usage of the HVAC system in your home.

Monitor Energy Usage

With a smart thermostat, you can get on-demand energy usage reports. This will allow you to find opportunities to save on your energy bill. For instance, you can discover that you are using energy when you are not at home and adjust the thermostat accordingly.

Learn Your Patterns

A smart thermostat can learn your patterns, such as what times you’re typically away from home, and automatically raise or lower the temperature so that your HVAC unit only works when you need it to. This allows you to save money on energy bills without having to put in effort.

Work With Motion Sensors

Some thermostats can work with motion sensors. This allows the system to learn when you are in certain rooms in your house and adjust the temperature in each room or in the entire house. This can allow you to become more energy-efficient while maintaining top comfort.

Eligible for Energy Savings Programs

Your smart thermostat may qualify to enroll in local energy-saving programs. With these programs, your local energy provider can adjust your thermostats during demand surges to save you money.

Contact Dulin Mechanical for professional installation and air conditioning service in the Concord, NC, area. We have helped many residents in the area improve heating and cooling efficiency with their new smart thermostat. Discover how much a smart thermostat can save you today.

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