The Importance of Maintaining Optimal Home Humidity in Midland, NC

With winter in full swing, you most likely focus on the temperature of your home rather than its humidity. However, the airborne moisture level in your living space may play a bigger role in your comfort than you initially realize. Keep reading to learn why it’s essential to maintain optimal home humidity in Midland, NC.

Impacts Household Health

Too little moisture in the air will dry out your family’s skin, eyes, and nasal passages. You may notice flaking, peeling, and redness as well as occasional nosebleeds. High temperatures during the winter can further reduce the average humidity, worsening your symptoms.

Too much humidity creates the perfect environment for bacterial growth and dust mites to thrive. Family members with allergies or respiratory sensitivities are most likely to suffer in humid homes.

Affects Home Structure and Belongings

As well as harming your health, a less-than-optimal humidity level can dry out and crack your wooden furniture and floors. You may also notice your window caulking weakening and crumbling in too-dry environments.

Causes Bacterial Growth

Finally, too much moisture in your home allows spores to easily grow and spread. You may find black, green, or white spots in especially humid areas like your basement or bathroom. Spores can spread from your walls to your furniture to your HVAC system.

If not addressed in time, perpetual moisture in your furnace can bring about substantial rust issues. Maintaining a healthy humidity level can save you from a premature furnace replacement.

Your home’s humidity level impacts your household’s health and belongings as well as your HVAC system’s efficiency and lifespan. Contact Dulin Mechanical Services, Inc. for indoor air quality services that restore your home’s comfort in Midland, NC.

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