Why Is There a Water Puddle Near My Furnace in Harrisburg, NC?

Puddles near any major appliance are typically a sign that something has gone amiss in your Harrisburg, NC home. Though it may be no big cause for concern, water standing near your furnace always warrants a call to an HVAC professional. In this article, we go over some possible causes of water puddles near your furnace and what you can do about it.

Condensation Leak

If you have a newer, higher efficiency furnace, a condensation leak is the most likely cause of your puddle. These heating systems put off cool exhaust, which produces condensation that normally goes straight into a condensate drain. The tubing may have gotten clogged or worn out over time, leaving condensation to drip on the floor instead of funneling into the drain.

Faulty Secondary Heat Exchanger

Another problem unique to high-efficiency furnaces, a malfunctioning or broken secondary heat exchanger often causes water leakage. This part utilizes potentially wasted energy to heat your home and is vital to the functioning of your heating system. If this is your problem, your furnace will need a repair and possibly total replacement.

Drain Clog

In some HVAC systems, the heating system and air conditioner share the same condensate drain. This drain may clog, and if the AC is running while it does so, water may leak and drip around your furnace since it can’t escape via the drain.

Humidifier Problems

A home humidifier attached to your HVAC system sometimes makes it appear as though your furnace has sprung a leak, when it’s really the humidifier leaking into the furnace itself. The furnace then leaks in turn to rid itself of this water. Calling an HVAC tech for repair is the smartest move in this situation.

We have been proudly serving the Harrisburg area for many years now and would be glad to assist you with your problem. Give us a call at Dulin Mechanical and set up a furnace inspection and repair today!

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