Top 4 HVAC Myths

Understanding the ins and outs of the HVAC system in your Harrisburg, North Carolina, home is one of the best ways to make sure that your system runs efficiently. Unfortunately, there are a lot of HVAC myths out there that homeowners believe, some of which can cause you to ignore serious issues with your home comfort system. Here are a few of the top HVAC myths you may have encountered and the actual truth about your heating and cooling system.

Your Air Filter Doesn’t Need to Be Changed

One of the most common myths involving the HVAC system is that your air filter only needs to be changed once a year if it needs to be changed at all. The availability of high-efficiency air filters may have something to do with this false belief, but regardless of the quality of your filter, it does need to be changed regularly.

Your HVAC system depends on air flowing freely to work correctly, so when your air filter becomes clogged with dirt and dust, you’ll probably see a dip in heating and cooling efficiency. To keep your system running well, you should check your filter every month and change it as needed, usually every 2 to 3 months.

Bigger Always Means Better

Another HVAC myth that some homeowners believe is that a larger system always means better heating and cooling. In fact, the opposite is true, and purchasing a system that’s too large for your home can actually result in several problems.

In particular, systems that are too large waste a lot of energy and will frequently cycle on and off and not keep your home comfortable. Not only does constant cycling consume a lot of energy and increase your energy bills, but it can also result in a lot of wear and tear that will shorten the lifespan of your heating and cooling units. When you’re installing a new HVAC system in your home, you want to be sure that it’s sized properly so that you get the most efficient heating and cooling possible.

Thermostat Location Doesn’t Matter

When it comes to HVAC myths, one of the most troublesome is that the placement of your thermostat has no impact on heating and cooling. In reality, the placement of your thermostat is extremely important, and if it’s in the wrong location, your system won’t work the way that you want or need.

If your thermostat is installed too close to air vents, or in an area of your home where it will be exposed to direct sunlight, it won’t be able to accurately read the temperature. When this occurs, the thermostat may keep your system running longer than necessary or shut it off too soon, both of which can lessen your comfort. An HVAC professional will be able to correctly place your thermostat so that it can control your system effectively.

Myths About Regular Maintenance

Many HVAC myths are related to the regular maintenance needs of your system. For instance, some people believe that regular maintenance isn’t necessary, but this is simply not true. Your heating and cooling system has a lot of mechanical parts that experience wear over time, and if these parts aren’t serviced regularly, they can break down. Regular maintenance allows a technician to catch potential problems with your system and fix them before they cause an outage.

Another maintenance myth is that you can handle HVAC maintenance yourself and don’t need help from a professional. While you can change your air filter when necessary, other types of maintenance are best left to the experts. If you try to repair your system yourself, it’s possible that you’ll cause damage to your system, which means you’ll need to cover expensive repairs. When your HVAC system needs routine maintenance, you should always call a heating and cooling professional.

Now that you know a few common HVAC myths, you should be able to tell if there’s a problem with your system that may impact efficiency. If you notice such a problem, you can get help by calling Dulin Mechanical at (704) 237-3641. We are your HVAC experts and can help you with everything from regular service to emergency repairs.

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