3 Heat Pump Components and Their Purpose in Midland, NC

Your Midland, NC heat pump provides an energy-efficient option for heating and cooling your home. When you look at your heat pump, you probably see the large outdoor unit, but inside that unit, you’ll find a series of complex parts that work together. Learn more about some of the most important heat pump components and what they do.

1. Compressor

The compressor is one of the most important parts of your HVAC system. When the refrigerant, which flows through your heat pump whether it’s in heating or cooling mode, enters the compressor, it’s in a low-pressure state with low temperature. The compressor increases the temperature of the refrigerant, allowing it to either heat your home or carry warm air out of your home during the warmer months.

2. Refrigerant Lines

Speaking of refrigerant, the lines that carry refrigerant from one part of the heat pump to another play a major role in your home’s comfort levels. The refrigerant changes the temperature of the air that crosses it, allowing you to either heat or cool your home depending on the direction in which the refrigerant flows. If a refrigerant line suffers damage, you’ll have a leak, leading to poor heat pump performance.

3. Thermostat

You may assume that your thermostat’s only component is the box that’s mounted on one of the walls in your home. This box allows you to set the temperature you want and tells the heat pump which mode to operate in and how long to run. However, there’s another part of the thermostat found in your heat pump.

This component tells the heat pump when to run and when to stop. If the thermostat needs calibrating or has something malfunctioning, you’ll notice odd running patterns in your heat pump. Also, the system may refuse to start at all.

Your heat pump is a complex system that provides your home with the heating and cooling that it needs, thanks to several parts that work together. Whether you need heat pump maintenance, repair or replacement, contact Dulin Mechanical today to find out more about our wide array of services.

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