Adding on to your Harrisburg, North Carolina, home is an exciting way to expand your living space. However, one of the challenges that often comes with a home addition is keeping it cool during the summer and warm during the winter. Unless you have the ductwork extended to the new section of the home, it won’t maintain a comfortable atmosphere. Fortunately, you have options when it comes to heating and cooling your home addition.

Add a Heat Pump

Since the climate in the Harrisburg area is moderate throughout much of the year, a heat pump can be a good option for a home addition. Running ductwork to the new portion of the home is often cost-prohibitive, and the existing heating and cooling system may not have the capacity to generate airflow to the larger space. A heat pump provides heat during the winter and cooling during the summer through the process of heat transfer.

Use Ductless HVAC

Another option for HVAC in your home addition is a ductless system. Also referred to as mini-splits, ductless units can provide airflow in a smaller space. As the name suggests, they don’t require ductwork to operate, so they are also very efficient and can help maintain better indoor air quality. Ducts can become damaged over time, resulting in air loss and other issues. Debris can build up in them as well. By relying on a ductless unit in your new home addition, you can enjoy targeted heating and cooling that doesn’t waste a lot of energy.

Upgrade Your Existing System

If you want the HVAC to extend to your new addition, this is an option as well. However, it may require an upgrade to your existing system. An HVAC technician can assess the ability of the unit to heat and cool the larger space and determine the best option for extending the ducts and vents to this area.

No matter what you’re considering to heat and cool the new addition to your home, our technicians at Dulin Mechanical can help. Contact us at 704-237-3641 to learn more.

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